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I believe there is satisfaction and dignity in working hard. Work gives life purpose and meaning and is essential to any sense of self-worth. 

I will always support action which fosters a business climate to create new living wage jobs and protect our existing ones! One of my top priorities is to ensure a wide array of  income opportunities for Washington’s citizens.

I will never support legislation designed to cripple entire industries and eliminate jobs for Washingtonians.

I am pro-life. I believe that human life is precious, and should be celebrated and protected, from conception through natural death. 

The womb should be the safest place for a baby, but in America, it has become one of the most dangerous places. I will OPPOSE efforts to undermine and eliminate the Hyde Amendment, which makes it illegal to use federal funds to pay for abortions.

I will SUPPORT efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider.

Today's public school students are not being taught how to think—they are being taught what to think by political and cultural activists who are pushing radical political and sexual ideologies to our young people through our public education system. 

I believe that it’s the job of parents, not government-run schools to discuss these sensitive topics.

The fact is that public education has never been more generously supported by the taxpayer and the results are in: our schools are seeing more violence, academic disarray, and parental dissatisfaction—and many parents feel helpless to do anything about it.

Our students are being taught to hate America and despise its founding. They are being taught theories on gender that are both confusing and dangerous. This must stop.

I am passionate about making sure that parents are both informed about what the schools are teaching and empowered to do something about it.

The Trump administration made huge strides to advance school choice in the United States. I support this position, and will work to encourage school choice while advocating for local, not federal, control of our schools. Additionally, while I firmly believe that the money should follow the student within government schools, I encourage homeschooling families to refrain from accepting any government funds because of the government connection that comes along with the acceptance of funding.

Transportation issues are a key concern for SW Washington residents. Increasing traffic congestion harms both our commuters and our freight haulers. Time is a precious commodity, and they are tired of wasting it sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

It’s been 40 years since a new transportation corridor has been built in the Portland metro area. Roughly 80,000 SW Washington residents work in Oregon. They deserve reasonable commute times. Our SW Washington Regional Transportation Council identified the need for two new transportation corridors over a decade ago, one west of I-5 and one east of I-205. The failed Columbia River Crossing project ignored the needs of our marine traffic on the river, ignored the wishes of the people, and wasted $200 million on a plan that only provided a one-minute improvement for the morning commute.

Our regional transportation needs also include marine and rail transportation systems. Barges use the Columbia River transporting agricultural products to our ports for shipping to American and international destinations. Our timber products and American energy use SW Washington ports to expand their business and create jobs and employment security for our citizens.

The job of Congress is to provide funds for needed interstate transportation projects. I will fight to ensure your money will not be wasted on pork-barrel, special interest-driven projects. With scarce transportation dollars, we can reduce traffic congestion by providing multiple pathways for people and freight to travel our region. We can enhance our marine traffic and rail systems with upgraded infrastructure. But it must be done efficiently, affordable and serve the needs and desires of SW Washington residents and businesses.

America has a long history of immigration and much of what has made America a great country has been the result of people coming to this country to make a new life for themselves and their families. Legal immigration is and will always be an important part of what makes America a great country.

But illegal immigration is creating a strain on our national economy and the security of our citizens. MS 13 gangs are terrorizing American cities and American taxpayers are paying millions to cover healthcare and welfare costs for non-citizens.

It is time to get serious about border security. I OPPOSE sanctuary cities and SUPPORT building a wall on our southern border. I SUPPORT the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. I supported President Trump in securing America's border.

Most of the ideas surrounding healthcare do little to actually lower prices. Shifting the cost of healthcare does not lower prices - it merely changes who pays the costs. A “single-payer” health system is a government-controlled health care system. Government is the “single-payer.” In most versions of single-payer, most private health insurance is either outlawed or restricted, and most public health programs are absorbed into the single, national health insurance program.

My plan for healthcare is to:

  • Allow insurance companies to offer plans that cross state lines;

  • Adopt policies that will create more price transparency so that patients know what the cost of healthcare services really are;

  • Create more competition which lowers prices;

  • Enact tort reform to lower the cost of liability insurance for medical professionals.

I believe the key to lowering the cost of healthcare must come from free market solutions - not government bureaucracy.

The US unemployment rate is the lowest since 1969. The great economy is being fueled by the Trump tax cuts.

I SUPPORT keeping taxes low and will fight to make the Trump tax cuts permanent and keep Americans working.

There is a disturbing trend among America's youth as they are drawn to socialism as a form of government.

Venezuela stands as an example of what socialism does to a country. The unemployment rate in Venezuela is expected to reach 47 percent in the next year and 90 percent of the country lives in poverty.

Socialism may be the latest trend, but socialism destroys lives. Heidi St. John will fight against efforts to make America a socialist nation.

The first amendment is first for a reason. Without the freedom to worship freely, to express ourselves without censorship and to gather together, none of our other rights have purpose or meaning. I will always support the right of citizens to speak freely without censorship, to gather, to petition and most of all to worship without the threat of government interference, whether implied or enforced. We live in a nation where many are now afraid to speak freely and where conservative thought is being censored on a broad scale. 

I will fight to protect and defend freedom of speech and the free exchange of ideas, which are central to our way of life!

I am a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights. I will OPPOSE any legislation that requires honest gun owners to give up their firearms to federal agencies. I believe the best way to curb violence is to enforce existing laws instead of enacting more laws that only serve to undermine the rights of honest citizens.

Thanks to Democrat policies and weak Republicans, spending in Washington D.C. is out of control. The $28 trillion national debt is unacceptable. I will fight for an end to the Continuing Resolutions that spend money the government simply does not have.

As a mother of seven and a business owner, I understand the value and crucial importance of staying within a budget. I will fight for an actual budget with spending priorities that put the safety and security of our nation first.

I have a proud history in the Pacific Northwest. My grandfather loved the forest, and during World War II, he worked for the National Guard and the forest service, living in a treehouse with his wife and watching for enemy planes. He taught me to love Washington’s gorgeous forests. We’re proud of our forests! They are part of what makes our region the beautiful place that it is—and we must balance the needs of healthy forest management with protecting the amazing ecosystem it is part of. The reasons we must keep our forests healthy are almost endless.

It’s crucial that we remove dying trees and remove underbrush in order to protect against devastating wildfires that pollute our air and threaten our forests. Doing so will save lives and prevent devastating and expensive property damage during our dry season. Unfortunately, much of the U.S. Forest Service budget has been diverted to simply fighting massive fires, with much less funding left for restoration.

Thinning the forests reduces risk of fire, insect infestation, and disease. Healthy forests provide wildlife habitat and healthy watersheds, which are necessary for clean water.

Washington had a robust timber economy until the spotted owl and other extreme environmental policies shut most of those jobs down. Replanting and harvesting on well managed, privately owned lands has been successful and provided much needed jobs in the timber industry.

Consider the difference in wildfire devastation between properly managed private forests owned by companies like Weyerhaeuser vs our mismanaged state and federal lands. We must do things differently.

I will lead the charge to improve the health of Washington’s federal forest lands and put our rural families back to work in the timber industry on the lands they love and live on.

In the 21st century, energy independence means freedom. The great Pacific Northwest has been blessed with renewable, reliable, and affordable hydroelectric power to attract clean manufacturing jobs to our region. I will protect this valuable resource for generations to come.

All too often over the recent decades, America was dependent on other governments for our energy and we were held hostage as a result. I will support legislation that seeks to fully develop America’s energy resources to ensure we will never again be dependent on any foreign country for energy.

The Unemployment Rate in the United States is the lowest since the 1960s. This is due in large part to President Trump’s efforts to roll back burdensome regulations on American businesses, thereby unleashing innovation and growth for American entrepreneurs.

I will fight to continue these efforts. It is imperative that we free the American economy from the limitations of overburdensome business regulations.

Southwest Washington has an abundance of fishing opportunities that must be properly managed to protect this important recreational opportunity. Our citizens have an inherent right to harvest surpluses of hatchery fish, which also play a vital role in conservation and recovery of our endangered species of salmon and steelhead.

I will fight for much needed reform and upgrades to our state’s hatcheries to protect our steelhead and salmon runs so that Washington can become home to a world class fishery, boosting tourism and related industries that already make up a $1 billion industry today.

I will fight for more access to public lands to protect our citizens’ rights to harvest wildlife in a sustainable manner and preserve this important part of our American heritage. I join with our state’s hunters who care deeply about wildlife conservation and I understand the importance of protecting our Endangered Species Act listings.

I come from a long line of American hunters and fisherman and am committed to protecting these valuable resources for present and future generations of citizens in Washington’s Third Congressional district.

Washington State was the birthplace of commercial airplane manufacturing.   After decades of failed democrat leadership in Washington, Boeing has been slowly moving most of its operations to more business friendly states. 

Drone technology is the next generation of aerospace manufacturing, and I will do all I can to protect those jobs for Washington citizens and reverse the trend of the Boeing exodus.

The first (and some would argue the only) responsibility of any government is to protect their citizens. Every public official must swear the Oath of Allegiance to defend our constitution against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” 

Within those few words is found the purpose for both our Military and our Law Enforcement. I am committed to funding and strengthening both the United States military and local law enforcement as the first and most important role of government in protecting its citizens. In an era when we are seeing lawlessness in streets of American cities and across the globe, this commitment has never been more important. 

As a mother of seven children, I've seen firsthand how much good the medical community can do... and how much harm when their relentless pursuit of the "scientifically possible" extends beyond the boundaries of the "morally ethical." 

I will always fight for individual medical freedom for every constituent. No government agency, no political appointee, no elected official, and no medical professional has the right to dictate which medical procedures are appropriate for sovereign American citizens.