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Directions for an Employee Being Mandated/Question to ask Your Employer - Presented by Rob McCoy at Oct 6 Rally

I-1436 Petition
I-1436 would make it optional to participate in Washington’s long-term care insurance
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Exemption Forms
These forms are by no means to replace or qualify as professional legal advice. We offer these as resources for parents, students, and employees to help articulate their concern with violations of their medical freedoms.

Founding Freedoms Law Center

  • Includes sample forms and letters for employees and college students seeking religious exemption
  • Includes sample forms and letters for parents seeking mask mandate exemption for children


Alliance Defending Freedom

  • Includes information on why vaccine mandates are illegal, citing Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Provides legal guidance for students seeking exemptions from vaccine mandates
  • Information for military members seeking religious exemption from the vaccine


First Liberty

  • Provides a free “Religious Liberty Protection Kit” so you know your rights on vaccine mandates

Pacific Justice Institute

  • Provides free resource for legal guidance on vaccine mandate

Florida Family Policy Council

  • FAQs regarding vaccine mandate
  • A handful of sample letters


Minnesota Family Council

  • Confused about why vaccine mandates are wrong? This guide helps clarify the issues.

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